• Walkup service

  • D&E Ice House, ice is produced and delivered to the consumer using a unique vending strategy patented by Ice House America. In 8 seconds, a 10 or 20-pound bag of ice is bagged and dispensed. 

    Our Ice House manufactures and delivers ice using food grade products without being touched by human hands.  All of this value comes to you at half the local market price. The ice is never frozen together in hard chunks but rather chipped, deliciously chewable. Our fully automated, self-serve Ice House deliverer’s ice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

  • Party pack (Fat Wally)

  • 240 lbs. (12 bags) of ice in a Fat Wally, delivered in San Antonio, within Loop 1604 for $65.  Outside of Loop 1604, please call for pricing and availability.

  • Delivery service

  • For small functions or large events, D&E Ice can delivery ice to you. We can provide an ice merchandizer with 1,500 lbs. of ice to a freezer trailer with 4,000 lbs. of ice. One-time events to contract delivery services are available. Please call for pricing and availability.

  • Emergency Ice Delivery

  • If you have an ice emergency from a power outage to ice maker failure, D&E Ice can get the ice you need to keep you in business.  Please call us for pricing and availability.

  • Job Site Delivery Services

  • D&E Ice is well positioned to provide ice, bottled water, sports drinks and other hydration products to construction sites, remote 3oil field sites, or other work sites.

    OSHA’s“Beat the Heat” program outlines guidelines for water, rest, and shade to keep workers hydrated, healthy, and productive.  D&E Ice provides hydration products and cooling trailers that fulfill two of these requirements.

    With our 4,000 lb. capacity freezer trailer, D&E Ice can provide contract deliveries to all manner of job sites and keep your ice merchandizer filled.  Please call for price and availability.